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Ticket Sales

Kirtland High School is a member of the Chagrin Valley Conference. The League has a standard $6.00 gate sale fee for adults and students. It is the policy of the Chagrin Valley Conference not to accept visiting fans adult pre-sale tickets. Schools may sell adult presale at the home site for their fans, but they cannot be use when attending an event at another site. The Kirtland Athletic Department will sell adult pre-sale tickets for home events only. Student pre-sale tickets are also available and are accepted at home and away events. It makes good economic sense to take advantage of the pre-sale offerings at Kirtland High School. The Kirtland Athletic Department will be conducting a special pre-sale package for all home athletic events from August 17th through September 10th. Special packages of pre-sale tickets will sell in lots of 20 tickets for $60.00. These tickets are good for adults and student at home events only. See Mr. Paul and Mrs. George in the high school office for these tickets.

Students should avoid paying the full gate prices for away and home athletic contests. Pre-sale tickest will be available on a regular basis for $4.00. See Mr. Paul or Mrs. George in the in the main office for tickets. These tickets are good for any athletic contest during the year with the exception of tournaments. Student may also use the special pre-sale (20 for $60.00) being offered for home events only.

Adults can save money at home events by purchasing the special packages of 20 tickets for $60.00, or by buying single, for home use only, pre-sale tickets sold daily, for $4.00.
Mr. Matt Paul
Athletic Director
9150 Chillicothe Road
Kirtland, OH 44094
(440) 256-3366 
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