2017 Tag Day Information

Tag Day, potentially our most successful Music Department fundraiser, is just around the corner. It is scheduled for November 4th, at 9:30am and we are in need of 40 volunteer drivers for this event. We are using signup.com to help organize volunteer drivers.Volunteer Drivers can sign-up to drive by following the link below: Volunteer Driver Sign-up

Tag Day Information
The Kirtland Music Boosters is holding the annual "Tag Day" Fundraiser on Saturday, November 4th. We will have one start time, 9:30am. We will meet in the Band room for the start time. If you have any question regarding 2017 Tag Day please contact Music Booster President Marie Stelson at t.stelson@att.net.

Tag Day FAQ 
1. What is Tag Day?
Tag Day is one of the most significant Music Boosters fundraisers of the school year for the Music program. Our goal is to break the $10,000 mark each year. We can do it but we need everyone’s participation to make it happen. We hope for participation from all students of the High School Music classes.

2. What happens on Tag Day?
Marching Band members dress in their band uniforms and choir members dress in their concert attire. The students travel in groups of three or four and hand out flyers with information about the Music program and tags with the concert schedule for the band & choir (hence the name – Tag Day) while asking for contributions. If no one is home, the students will leave a schedule and mail-in envelope. The event this year will have two start times so that everyone can participate; 9:30am and 12:30pm.

3. Why is it called Tag Day?
This annual fund drive is called “Tag Day” because in addition to collecting donations, the Music students provide residents with a “tag” printed with all of the year’s concerts. And if someone donates $30 or $60 they will receive a "tag" to display that they support the Kirtland Music Boosters.

4. Who takes the students out?
Parent volunteers drive the groups of students around designated communities and are with the students at all times.

5. What happens to the money that is collected?
The money all goes to the Music Boosters general fund for but not limited to the purchase of uniforms, performance fees and to help pay for staff and transportation expenses not covered by the school district.

6. How can I help if my child is not available to volunteer on Tag Day?
If your child has a conflict and is not able to participate in Tag Day, they can still participate by sending envelopes to relatives or giving them to nearby neighbors.
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