State-Mandated School Closure
The Kirtland Local Schools will close at the end of the school day on March 13 and remain closed through May 1.

Secondary Distance Learning

General Information

Student and Parent Information:

  • Distance Learning Hours - 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

  • KMS and KHS will run the alternating block day schedule our students currently run on Wednesday and Thursday.  The specific schedule is below - outlined in this email.   

  • Refer to the Kirtland Distance Learning tab on our website to find specific teacher/classroom information for student lessons/expectations each day

    • Parents will NOT have access to Schoology/Google Classroom/Pearson

      • Utilize student log-in to view any student resources

    • Counselors also have a tab for any counseling needs.  

  • Teacher will post assignments no later than 8:00 am the day of the class.  Teachers do have the flexibility of posting assignments the night before the scheduled class. 

  • The most recent posted assignment for the students from any classroom teacher will be located on the top of their assignment page that is linked to the Kirtland Website.  

  • Teachers will check their emails and their Schoology / Google Classrooms regularly during the Online Distance Learning Hours (8 am - 3 pm) 

  • Teachers will update gradebooks regularly - missing assignment notification will continue to be sent if your child does not complete an assignment.

  • Support/intervention/Q&A sessions can run during office hours for your students.  Please reach out to the specific teacher via email for this support.

    • If you receive a missing assignment notification, please reach out to that specific classroom teacher.  

  • If you experience any technological issues - reach out to the building principal.  We will troubleshoot and send your information to our technology support team.

    • If a student needs a spare computer, please contact a building principal and we will set up a pickup time.

  Recommended Practices for Students:

  • Check your school email regularly 

  • Get into a schedule of waking up early to maximize your productivity

  • Follow the suggested class schedule or create one that works for you but always complete tasks within the timeframe required by the teacher

  • Use office hours regularly for any additional questions or needed supports throughout the day

Staff Directory

for Kirtland Local Schools


Daily Schedules

Wednesday:  3/25/20 - Blue Block Day - Periods 1/3/5/7 

Thursday:  3/26/20 - Gold Block Day - Periods 2/4/6

Friday:  3/27/20 - Blue Block Day - Periods 1/3/5/7

Monday:  3/30/20 - Gold Block Day - Periods 2/4/6

Tuesday:  3/31/20 - Blue Block Day - Periods 1/3/5/7

Wednesday:  4/1/20 - Gold Block Day - Periods 2/4/6

Thursday:  4/2/20 - Blue Block Day - Periods 1/3/5/7

Friday:  4/3/20 - Gold Block Day - Periods 2/4/6

Blue / Gold Days

BLUE Block Schedule

  • 1st period / 8-9 am

  • 3rd period / 9-10 am

  • 5th period / 10-11 am

  • 7th period / 11-12 pm

  • Office Hours / 1:00-3 pm

GOLD Block Schedule

  • 2nd period / 8-9 am

  • 4th period / 9-10 am

  • 6th period / 10-11 pm

  • Office Hours / 12:00-3 pm

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