Kirtland Athletic Guidelines During the COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Masks must be worn by coaches.  Athletes should wear masks when inside the school except when working out.  Teams will be given specific entrances to use.

2. Attendance must be recorded each day. Athletes need to monitor their temperature and symptoms daily prior to the workout and report symptoms to school staff. Athletes that report any symptoms must then remain away for 72 hours after the symptoms have cleared.  OHSAA Covid 19 Monitoring Form will be used each day and turned in at the end of each week.  These may be needed for tracing purposes.

3. Athletes must wash hands before and after each workout that requires the use of indoor facilities.  There will be designated restrooms used for each area.

4. Ohio Department of Health, OHSAA, and Kirtland Local School Guidelines must be followed.  Six foot Physical Distancing Requirement must always be followed.

5. No Visitors during workouts.  This includes parents, boosters, alumni, etc.

6. Athletes need to show up dressed and ready to train.  They must leave immediately following the workout.  Do not congregate in parking lots.

7. Locker Rooms will be closed until August 1 when Fall practices are scheduled to begin.  No athlete will have access to a locker room for any reason.  Athletes should be reminded to head directly home and shower immediately after the workout.  All clothing used in the workout should be washed each day.

8. No drinking fountains or shared drinks.  Athletes must bring their own water/drinks.  Athletes must have a shirt on at all times and not share towels, equipment, or clothing.

9. A full list of orders and best practices from Governor DeWine and the OHSAA will be distributed to each coach.  Coaches please know that everyone is watching how we handle this situation.  Our ability to move through phases and into Fall and Winter Sports seasons are dependent on adherence to all of these guidelines.  There can be no one that takes any of these guidelines lightly.

10. Weight Room Guidelines

  1. No more than 9 athletes and a coach permitted in the weight room.

  2. Athletes must be placed in a group  and should remain with that group throughout each workout.

  3. No more than one person per rack/station in phase one unless a spotter is needed.  Spotting will require two people as it must be done from the side.  In regards to spotting, there must be a limit to no more than 10 minutes during a training session where less than 6 feet of social distancing is practiced because of spotting for any athletes.

  4. Social distancing must be followed (6 feet).

  5. Athletes are responsible for their own water and should not share any personal items.

  6. No alumni or community members may use the weight room.

  7. No visitors (parents, boosters, alumni, etc.).

  8. Locker rooms are off limits until August 1.

  9. A restroom will be provided for use.

  10. We will provide proper sanitation products.  Equipment must be wiped down before and after use.

11.  Stadium/Athletic Fields/Gym Guidelines

  1. 10 person maximum in groups including coaches during Phase 1.

  2. Phase 2 increases to 50 outside but still 10 inside.

  3. Social distancing is required (6 feet)

  4. No Team Meetings, breakdowns, high fives, etc.

  5. Athletes bring their own water(no sharing). No drink stations.

  6. We will provide proper sanitation products.  Equipment must be wiped down before and after use.

  7. No Alumni/Community members...athletes and coaches only

12. Each sport will submit a plan to the Athletic Director that outlines when their workouts will occur. (days, times, locations used).  It will be important to have all of these plans so there are no scheduling conflicts (i.e. double booking).  Additionally, each sport will start in Phase 1 and stay there for 14 days based on when they start their first contact with athletes in their respective sport. No sport can move to the next phase without permission from the Athletic Director.

13.  Specifically for our facilities when considering groups you may do the following while social distancing.  Groups/pods will consist of 1 pod in a gym, 1 pod on the track, 1 pod in the weight room, 1 pod in the agility room, and 4 pods on a field which will need to be divided into 4 separate quadrants.

14.  We will schedule each group and try and accommodate all requests.  With so many moving parts to our summer workouts, once your schedule is set for your team, it can only be changed by getting permission from the Athletic Director or Principal.

15. Please remember that everyone has a different opinion of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We all need to be respectful of concerns brought to us by athletes and parents.  Do not hold it against any if they choose not to participate due to health concerns.

All training sessions must be considered voluntary workouts.

Failure to follow these protocols will result in your team not being allowed to continue with Summer Conditioning/Skill Training.

Matt Paul

Athletic Director

Kirtland Local Schools

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