Mr. Amstutz's Message to 6-12 Students and Families

November 20, 2020 
Kirtland Local Schools
6-12 Transition to Distance Learning

Good Afternoon 6-12 Parents and Students, 

***This email has a lot of important information contained within it, so we recommend starring or saving this email for your reference.  Additionally, the information found below can also be located on the KMS or KHS home pages.***  

Happy Friday to all our 6-12 families.  Before we get into the specifics of transitioning into our ONLINE DISTANCE LEARNING plan, we want to thank all the students, teachers, support staff, custodians, maintenance and community for their support, effort and flexibility to this point.  It truly has been a team effort to keep multiple learning modalities moving forward at one time.  Unfortunately, due to rising COVID cases, staff shortage and overall safety concerns at this time, we are transitioning to our ONLINE DISTANCE LEARNING SCHEDULE.   

Kirtland Local Schools continue to work with various health professionals in our area to monitor the health and safety trends within our communities, Lake County and throughout the State of Ohio. Due to increased concern regarding COVID-19 and the rapidity with which the virus is currently spreading, Kirtland Local Schools is moving to our revised:


Please know our administration, teachers and support staff are ready to hit the ground running because of the outstanding innovation, collaboration and professional development prior to this transition to Online Distance Learning.  Mr. Amstutz, Mr. Paul and Mr. Leone, along with our counselors, are also ready to support your child during the transition to a whole district Online Distance Learning modality. Remember, we are a united Kirtland Community and WE GOT THIS.  Again, we want to thank the students, parents, faculty and staff for all the flexibility, collaboration and problem-solving during this time. We are so fortunate to live and work in a community that sticks together during times of transition.

Start Times / Schedule for Online Distance Learning Schedule
Reminder per the links above - the students’ school day begins at 9:00 am every day.  Also note that unlike the ALL-IN schedule, in the DISTANCE schedule the days of the week are always the same from week to week. See below for that outline:

  • Monday - Blue Block Day

  • Tuesday - Gold Block Day

  • Wednesday - 7-period Day

  • Thursday - Blue Block Day

  • Friday - Gold Block Day  

Online Distance Learning Resources & Instructional Expectations

  • ALL-ACADEMIC CLASSROOM MATERIAL AND RESOURCES WILL BE UPLOADED ON EACH TEACHER’S LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (Google Classroom / Schoology).  Each teacher WILL NOT have a tab on the website for assignments.  

  • The move to our Distance Learning modality means that all students are now participating in online/virtual learning 5-days a week (except on scheduled days off/holidays)

  • Please reference the links above for the most up-to-date changes to our Distance Learning Calendar and Schedule. These links are live, so any updates will be reflected on those links. 

    • Note: The key for the Calendar (explaining the color-coding system) is at the bottom of that document for your reference.

  • Please also note this schedule and calendar have been updated and revised from earlier schedules/calendars. If you printed or saved an earlier version of the Distance Learning Schedule/Calendar then please DISREGARD those older versions and only reference the new, updated versions (Revised 11/20/20)

    • We will stay in this schedule until we determine, along with health professionals, that we can safely transition back to in building learning once again.

  • Student expectations during remote instruction:

    • Know the schedule for the day (Blue, Gold, or 7-period)

      • Create a routine for learning

    • Find a workspace that is structured for productivity & avoids distractions

    • Dress appropriately for class and know your surroundings

    • Arrive ON-TIME to your scheduled classes each day (via Zoom or Google Meet)

      • Teachers will take attendance at the beginning of the zoom/meet session

      • It is very difficult for the teacher to start and stop instruction to let people in from the waiting room if students are late, so promptness is expected!

      • You do NOT need to report to advisory/study hall during distance learning

      • You DO need to report to WIN or supported study halls (if you have these on your schedule)

    • Make sure you are responsive during live sessions - this means:

      • Cameras ON (as directed by teacher)

      • Microphone OFF but student ready to turn it ON to respond (as directed by teacher)

      • Pay attention to and be responsive to the chat during class, especially if directed to do so by your teacher

    • All work must be turned in by the teacher assigned due dates

      • Work turned in after due dates = late work

    • Check your school email regularly

      • If an issue arises then this needs to be PRE-COMMUNICATED with your teachers

    • Check your class LMS’s (Schoology or Google Classroom) daily (per the schedule) to stay up-to-date on your assignments and engaged in your learning

    • Use office hours regularly for any additional questions or needed supports throughout the day

  • Check the 6-12 Principals’ Page - Distance Learning (20-21) for more support and FAQs for Distance Learning

  • Parents must email the building secretary ( - KMS) or ( - KHS) if your child(ren) will be absent for any reason.

Office Hours Support - Intervention - Q&A help sessions w/specific teachers
Support - Intervention - Q&A help sessions are available during office hours for all students.  Please reach out to the specific teacher via email for this support. Teachers, Counselors, and/or the Office may also reach out to set these up (as needed).

  • If you receive a missing assignment notification, please reach out to that specific classroom teacher.

  • Daily Office Hours - Support for students (teacher planned or upon request per student)

    • Blue Block Day (Monday / Thursday)

      • 8:00 am - 8:55 am

      • 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

    • Gold Block Day (Tuesday / Friday)

      • 8:00 am - 8:55 am

      • 1:15 pm - 3:00 pm

    • Wednesday - 7-period Day

      • 8:00 am - 8:55 am

Daily Attendance Reminder
During Distance Learning, students will be expected to attend each of their scheduled classes every day they are in session. Remember that Blue Day (Odd Periods) classes will NOW ALWAYS meet on Mondays and Thursdays, while Gold Day (Even Periods) classes will ALWAYS meet on Tuesdays and Fridays. Additionally, all classes will meet on Wednesdays as this day will mimic our traditional 7-period day. Attendance will be taken every period, every day.

Picking Up Materials, Supplies and Pictures (11/23 &11/24)

  • Both KMS & KHS will be open on Monday and Tuesday of next week so that students can pick up supplies, books, etc. either from their lockers or the office

  • Pictures are also available for pick up in the main office (per building - KMS or KHS)

Grades and Infinite Campus

  • Teachers will continue to post assignments in Infinite Campus when they are assigned for each class

    • Grades will be entered when they are turned in and graded by the teacher

    • An assignment will be tagged with a missing if a student does not turn in the assignment on the due date.  This will be calculated as a zero until the student turns in the missing work.  

  • Late assignments

    • Please remind your student, if they turned in an assignment late, to email the teacher they have submitted the late work to so that it can be graded in a timely manner.

  • Ongoing Alert Emails (Missing Assignments and D/F Reports)

    • We will continue to send out information for students and parents about grades and missing assignments.  If you get either email, please reach out to the specific teacher for that class.  

Mid-Terms - For All KHS Students (and some KMS Students)
At this point, we ARE planning on having Midterms at the end of the semester in all of our classes that count for high school credit. This includes some 8th-grade classes like Algebra 1, Geometry, PE, and World Language classes. Remember, this year the 1st Semester ends on January 26, 2021, so Midterms will take place AFTER Winter Break.

Mental Health or Social / Emotional Supports
Please visit the KMS Counseling Distance Learning page or the KHS Counseling Distance Learning page for Mental Health or Social / Emotional support information and contacts. 

Auburn Students
Bussing will still be provided for all of our Auburn Students.  This transportation is from Kirtland High School to Auburn Career Center and back.  Students must be in front of Kirtland High School at designated times for transportation.    

Progressive Communication Plan
If you have an academic question or concern, please email the teacher first to get your answer.  If you still have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your building administrator via email. 

Technology Reminder
If you are having technology problems at any time, please contact

Finally, here are some Important Links for you to review if you have any additional questions or concerns:


Have a great day,

Mr. Scott Amstutz
6-12 Principal
Kirtland Local Schools
Twitter: @MrAmstutz

Mr. Matt Paul
Assistant Principal / AD
Kirtland High School

Mr. David Leone
Assistant Principal 
Kirtland Middle School
Twitter: @MrLeoneKMS


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