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Jon Peterson Scholarship Program
The Jon Peterson Scholarship Program (JPSN) provides scholarships for students that have qualified for Special Education Services and choose to receive these services and their child's education outside of the Public School District.

JPSN: How to Renew a Child's Scholarship

Parents need to renew their child's scholarship yearly if they wish for their child to continue to receive the scholarship. Information is provided in this link.

JPSN Provider List

This link contains Non-Public Schools as well as Private Providers that may service students on the Jon Peterson Scholarship.

JPSN Scholarship: Information for Parents
This link will provide information for parents on how to apply for the Jon Peterson Scholarship.
Attachments Available To Download:
FAPE Comparison.pdf
Jon Petershon Scholarship Category Amounts Listed by Disability Category.pdf
Jon Peterson Scholarship Fact Sheet.pdf