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Key Communicator 8/16/22
August 16, 2022 
Kirtland Local Schools
Key Communicator

Welcome to the Kirtland Schools’ Key Communicator e-newsletter. We hope to use this tool as a two-way form of communication to share the good news going on in our classrooms, and also provide you with facts in the event of negative situations. We hope you will act as informal communications liaisons with the community and let us know what you’re hearing so we can proactively provide you with the facts of what’s happening in your schools. Thank you for your support!


The August 15 Board of Education meeting started by welcoming three new teachers to the district.  Congratulations to Joey Bastian (gr. 3), Abigail Folk (gr. 4) and Rebecca Truong (special ed).  (Jesse Bobbitt, the new choir teacher, was approved at the July Board meeting.) We are excited for our students and families to meet them.  Superintendent VanArnhem shared that the first day of school for the students is on Thursday, August 18.  He complimented the custodial staff for their hard work over the summer preparing the campus and for having the buildings shining.  He updated the School Board and the public with a few updates on the PI projects. He stated that demolition has been completed in the KHS science lab.  Crews are currently working on installing the plumbing and electrical work.  The room is expected to be ready for students to start the second semester. The grade three classrooms received new carpet, blinds and flexible furniture.  

Mr. VanArnhem shared that the Kirtland Local Schools received a safety grant for over $131,000 from the state to apply to improved safety measures.  This money will be used to upgrade and add cameras, provide staff with cybersecurity training, purchase virus protection subscriptions, add walkie talkies and outdoor speakers to stadium/track and playground, and install air conditioning for the classrooms that do not have it as the classrooms can get very warm at the start and end of the school year.

Other items on the agenda included updating the rate for latchkey to $4.50 an hour, approving the student handbooks for each building, and Superintendent VanArnhem receiving a four year contract extension to start after his current contract ends at the end of this school year. (See the press release below.) He thanked the Board for their support and shared how appreciative he is to be a part of this school district and community. He shared that he is excited about the extension so he can see through a lot of the current initiatives that are taking place. Superintendent VanArnhem also said that it is great to have the opportunity to continue seeing students on stage at graduation that he started with at the elementary school as the principal.



Kirtland Local Schools Superintendent Contract Renewed

At the August 15, 2022, regular board meeting of Kirtland Local Schools, Chad VanArnhem’s contract as superintendent was renewed.  His contract has been extended for another five years. 

“The board has been very pleased with Mr. VanArnhem's handling of the school district through his first two years of service, especially the leadership he exhibited during the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Board President Jonathan Withrow.  

VanArnhem is not only the superintendent, but handles the curricular responsibilities of the district as well.  “He has a lot more to accomplish in the upcoming years with implementing the district's new resources for English-language arts and making the most of the math resources that were purchased two years ago.  The board looks forward to his, along with the rest of the administration's, review of the grades 6-12 science curriculum audit over the course of this upcoming school year.”

While focusing on the district's core academic priorities, VanArnhem also will oversee the improvements to the high school science lab, which is underway now, as well as improvements to the athletic stadium.  

Beginning in August of 2023, under the new contract, VanArnhem's base salary will be $160,000.

 The Kirtland Local Schools are known for academic excellence and strong community support, and have been recognized nationally and statewide for educational achievement. The district also maintains a long tradition of distinction in a variety of extracurricular activities. The Board of Education provides open and thoughtful fiscal management of the community’s investment in the school district’s high quality educational program by ensuring every dollar spent benefits students and the community.

The Kirtland Local School District is located in Lake County and serves the City of Kirtland and most of the Villages of Kirtland Hills and Waite Hill, and small portions of Willoughby and Chardon Township.

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