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Key Communicator - 1/24/23
January 24, 2023 
Kirtland Local Schools
Key Communicator

Welcome to the Kirtland Schools’ Key Communicator e-newsletter. We hope to use this tool as a two-way form of communication to share the good news going on in our classrooms, and also provide you with facts in the event of negative situations. We hope you will act as informal communications liaisons with the community and let us know what you’re hearing so we can proactively provide you with the facts of what’s happening in your schools. Thank you for your support!   


The Board of Education meeting on January 24, 2023, started with recognizing our AP Scholars for their hard work and amazing performances on their AP exams.  The list of students can be found here: AP Scholar List along with their pictures.

Next, we honored our five board members for “School Board Appreciation Month”.  Mr. VanArnhem thanked the Board for their ongoing support, time and dedication to our students, staff and community. Mr. Cosimi’s class and senior Jacqueline Gotch put together videos composed of students from around the district saying thanks as well.  Here are the links to the videos: Jacqueline Gotch video and Mr. Cosimi's Class Video

Mr. VanArnhem also shared that Mrs. Nagaj, our KES principal, had an article published in the OAESA Principal Navigator magazine.  Congratulations to Mrs. Nagaj and here is the article for your reading pleasure: Show Them You Care.
Mr. VanArnhem then went into his report for the Board and community. He shared that the administration, SRO, IT director, transportation director, the KPD and the school nurse participated in a district safety meeting on January 18th.  At the meeting, the table top drills that took place with the staff were reviewed and there will be a followup with the staff to continue the safety discussions. He also highlighted that there will be a presentation on Human Trafficking and Sextortion this Thursday (Adult Only Presentation) and Friday for the high school students. As part of a wellness initiative, Mr. VanArnhem also highlighted that there are 37 staff in the district participating in a walking challenge and competing for prizes. He also mentioned that the newly renovated science lab at KHS is open and being used. The News-Herald (article), Kirtland Chronicle and Then Design Architects visited the space over the past two weeks to take pictures, conduct interviews and do a story on this amazing classroom! Mr. VanArnhem also stated that Marous Brothers Construction is finalizing a plan for the demolition of the visiting stands, light poles (when no students are around), goal posts and scoreboard that is expected to take place in March with the rest of the stadium construction starting around April 10th. 

Under the Treasurer Recommendation, Mr. Galante recommended a resolution to the Electors of the Kirtland Local School District for a renewal tax levy that will take place in May. The Board voted unanimously to approve it. This will be a renewal levy, not an increase.

Under Superintendent recommendations, the Board voted to approve that the Kirtland Local Schools continue services for the next two school years with the ESC of Northeast Ohio. They also voted to approve the 2023-2024 Lake Community College CCP College Credit Plus Agreement and a shared service agreement to utilize West Geauga to transport some of our students that attend parochial students. The Board approved two overnight trips- one for the band going to NYC and one for the FTCC in Troy, Ohio for a competition. The Board also heard its first reading of the proposed 23-24 school calendar. Proposed Calendar

The Kirtland Local Schools are known for academic excellence and strong community support, and have been recognized nationally and statewide for educational achievement. The district also maintains a long tradition of distinction in a variety of extracurricular activities. The Board of Education provides open and thoughtful fiscal management of the community’s investment in the school district’s high quality educational program by ensuring every dollar spent benefits students and the community.                                                      

The Kirtland Local School District is located in Lake County and serves the City of Kirtland and most of the Villages of Kirtland Hills and Waite Hill, and small portions of Willoughby and Chardon Township.                                                  

Board notes and agendas can be found on the website at


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