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Message about School Safety
November 2, 2023 
Kirtland Local Schools
Message about School Safety

Dear Kirtland Local School District Families,

The Ohio School Safety Center recently shared a video that focused on Social Media Threats directed towards schools. The safety of the students and staff in our school district is our number one priority, so we felt it appropriate to share this video with you, and communicate some reminders regarding school safety reporting. The below video covers the following topics:

  • The repercussions of joking about violence in schools.
  • Legal consequences for making threats, even as pranks.
  • The lasting impact on one's future and opportunities.
  • The importance of reporting safety concerns rather than sharing them on social media.

Video Link:

Please consider taking a moment to watch the above video with your child, and stress the severity of making a threat towards school, and the importance of SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. If you or your child sees something that concerns you online or otherwise, please report it to us. If you would prefer to report anonymously, call or text 844-SaferOH (844-723-3764) 24/7 with any information on threats to school or student safety. Thank you for joining us in continued vigilance in an effort to keep our schools safe. 


Victor Puskas, KHS Principal         

Matt Paul, KHS Assistant Principal and Athletic Director    

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Bob Race, KMS Principal                      

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Katy Nagaj, KES Principal                     

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Kristen Schutte, Director of Pupil Services     

Greg Cosimi, Technology Director        

Kelly Coates, Director of Transportation    

Chad VanArnhem, Superintendent             


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