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Gold Day Early Release Procedures
April 6, 2021 
Kirtland Middle School
Gold Day Early Release Procedures

Good evening KMS Parents,

We are asking for your assistance with students on campus grounds during early release Gold Days. Currently, we have many students staying on school grounds during this time and this creates a safety and security issue for our campus and our students. All students are required to leave campus during Early Release time on Gold Days unless you (the parent) have signed them up to attend our monitored study hall (in the KMS Library). They will need to report to this extra period every Gold Day as it is a class and attendance will be taken. 

You can sign them up here if you would like them to be added to this roster (you will need to do a separate entry for each child). This extra period is for students that have after-school commitments that they need to attend and no busing will run to take students home after this extra period. Currently, we have no students signed up for this extra period. At this time, the school assumes that all students will leave school grounds (buildings, track, football field, etc.) by 12:55 pm and return at 2:20 pm ONLY if they have an activity or sporting event on campus that they are participating in.

Students who loiter on campus will be asked to leave and consequences will be assigned if it becomes a recurring issue.

Thank you for your assistance with this matter,

Mr. Scott Amstutz
6-12 Principal
Kirtland Local Schools|
Twitter: @MrAmstutz

Mr. David Leone
Assistant Principal 
Kirtland Middle School
Twitter: @MrLeoneKMS


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