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Email Concern Notification 2/17/21
Kirtland Local Schools
Email Concern

Hello Kirtland Families,

The administrative team was made aware that eighth-grade students were sent an email with a survey from an “anonymous student” with a non-school email address.  

The email stated, “I want to make sure I tell you that I am someone from your grade so that you don't find this email creepy, or dangerous.” The sender said, “I am asking that you be mature and just keep this a secret.”  “Also, before you start I want you to know that your answers will be anonymous.”  “It's important you keep this a secret from parents. If your parents check your emails, hide this message somewhere or just delete it right after reading.”  The survey went on to ask personal questions. The person followed back up with students and said that there are “19 responses.”  The email stated, “ It only takes one person to expose this plan, so please be careful about where and when you discuss this email, if you do.  Also, if this plan works there's a chance I might tell you who I am so, if needed use that as motivation to keep quiet.”


From the district side, our IT director has blocked this outside email address.  We have contacted the Kirtland Police Department and they are working to find out who sent the email and survey.  At school, we will follow up with students and remind them to not share private information with anyone over the internet.  We will remind them, if someone contacts them anonymously and requests information, never share it.  If someone sends a message and states not to tell anyone and keep it a secret, students should do the opposite and talk to a trusted adult.  I encourage all of you to follow up at home with your child(ren) and have the same discussion.

We will continue to work together on all areas of student safety and learn from this teachable moment.  This type of situation can happen in different settings including the internet, online gaming and social media. Through continuous education from school and at home, we will work together to help keep our students safe.

Today, we learned of one KMS student that had tested positive for COVID-19. No quarantines from school had to be issued; quarantines came from close contacts outside of the school.

Thank you for your support.

Chad VanArnhem, Superintendent



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