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Picture Retakes and Food Pick Up 11/18/20
Kirtland Elementary School

Good Afternoon KES Families!

After 4 days of our Hybrid model in place, we are excited to report that things are going well! We are thrilled to still be able to have students here every day, and we are also excited that our virtual learners have been able to carry on with their normal schedule too! 

Picture retake day is Wednesday 11/18. Anyone who would like a retake is welcome to have their picture taken. If they would like their picture package exchanged with the retake photo, they must return the original, intact, picture package on retake picture day. 

Wednesday is also the day for district food pick-up. If you intend to pick up food when you come to drop off your child for the KES afternoon session, please drop off, then park in the KHS lot to get your food. We are trying to move the drop off line along as quickly and safely as possible so that instruction can begin on time.

THANK YOU so much for your willingness to adapt to new routines and be flexible as we all work together to make shifts work! We truly appreciate your support!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Katy Nagaj



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