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Good morning KMS Parents/Guardians, 


Kirtland Middle School is committed to providing the highest quality of education for every student.  We have recently completed an IXL mid-year diagnostic in both reading and math to measure student progress.  Our teachers provide a variety of approaches within their classrooms to ensure students’ academic success.  When the data shows that students need intervention many of the interventions take place inside the classroom, while others take place outside of the classroom with an instructional specialist.  It is our responsibility as educators to foster growth, close gaps, and make sure every student is at grade level. The MTSS interventions will focus on these 3 goals.

Parents will be made aware by email if their child is in need of intervention outside of their math or reading classroom.  Kirtland Local Schools uses a multi-tiered system of support or MTSS for all students. MTSS is an educational framework for meeting the varied needs of students. MTSS provides a way to decide when to offer interventions with varying levels of intensity. MTSS includes ongoing data collection and monitoring to maximize the effectiveness of instruction. (

Three tiers describe the level and intensity of instruction/interventions provided across the continuum. 

Tier 1: Core and Universal Instruction and Supports Academic and Behavior Instruction and supports designed and differentiated for all students in all settings. 

Tier 2: Targeted and Supplemental Interventions and Supports Individual or small group targeted instruction/intervention and supplemental supports in addition to and aligned with Tier 1 academic and behavior instruction and supports. 

Tier 3: Intensive and Individualize Interventions and Supports-The most intensive instruction/intervention based on individual student need provided in addition to and aligned with Tier 1 and Tier 2 academic and behavior instruction and supports.

If you have questions concerning your child’s progress, contact Mr. Race or Mr. Amstutz. 


Mr. Scott Amstutz
Kirtland Middle School

Mr. Bob Race
Assistant Principal 
Kirtland Middle School



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