Asbestos Notice

Kirtland Local Schools
Required Asbestos Notice

Dear Kirtland Stakeholders,

Federal law required all schools to inspect their buildings for asbestos-containing materials and to develop Management Plans for those materials found. Our school contracted EA Group to provide this Inspection/Management Plan for all school buildings. 

The asbestos Inspection/Management Plan are available for your review, by appointment, during regular business hours. If you wish to see the reports, please contact the school office for an appointment. All appointment requests will be honored within 5 working days of receipt. A written copy of the Inspection/Management Plan can be made available upon request, for the cost of reproduction. 

Our school's maintenance and custodial staff has received specialized asbestos training and will visually survey the schools' asbestos containing building materials every 6 months. Furthermore, a complete re-inspection by an EPA accredited inspector will occur every 3 years. Copies of these inspections will also be made available for your review. 

If our school requires an asbestos abatement, only an EPA accredited asbestos contractor will be used. 

Please be assured that we are concerned with your safety and will make every effort to comply with all laws and regulations pertaining to asbestos. 


Mr. Chad VanArnhem, Superintendent


Kirtland Local Schools - 9252 Chillicothe Road - Kirtland, OH 44094 - 440.256.3311

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