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Welcome to the KMS Guidance Office!

  • Guidance services are available on a full-time, daily basis. Parents or teachers may request that the counselor sees a student, or a student may refer himself/herself or another student.
  • Guidance is defined as helping individuals understand themselves in the light of their abilities, aptitudes, interests, attitudes, strengths, and limitations. This process should assist students in the development of their potential, their decisions relating to personal, educational, and vocational matters, and also in becoming capable of mature self-guidance.
  • Guidance services include: educational guidance; testing programs; occupational, career, and higher education orientation and information; study helps; and personal developmental guidance as needed. Guidance services are available to all students.
  • Guidance is based upon fundamental principles such as:
    • individuals are different from one another in their capabilities, aptitudes, interests, needs, goals, desires, and values.
    • Conditions can be improved.
  • Improvements of educational opportunities will benefit the individuals and society.
    • Guidance is a continual and developmental process. Every experience of the individual influences his/her performance in some way.
    • Guidance does not propose to program an individual's course of action but rather tries to assist the individual in arriving at his/her own satisfactory solutions.
  • Guidance should assist the individual in understanding his circumstances and opportunities, and plan his/her life in a satisfactory manner to serve himself/herself as well as society.
  • The guidance counselor is available to assist students with an academic or social problem that may arise. Students will be provided with an opportunity to discuss privately any problem(s) they might have.


Mr. Greg Bell

School Counselor
9152 Chillicothe Road
Kirtland, OH 44094
Phone: 440-256-3311
Fax: 440-256-3928

Lake County Crisis Hotline

Lake County Crisis Hotline

24/7 help with urgent mental health issues including crisis and suicide prevention.
440-953-TALK (8255)

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