Kirtland Academic Academy

What is KAA?

The idea for KAA came out of a series of discussions the Building Leadership Team had regarding our desire to help students who need a little assistance every so often, while also trying to hold students with high amounts of missing work accountable. Missing work can have such a profoundly negative impact on student learning and success within the classroom and we want to provide something that can help. We believe that this program is a tremendous opportunity for kids who need help getting back on track, while also supporting students that just need a bit of assistance every now and again.  

All KMS students are welcome at KAA. The academic team - including teachers, parents, and administrators - has the discretion to make this program mandatory for students with excessive missing work which negatively impacts student learning and success within the classroom.

In many ways, KAA is homework help, tutoring, and general academic assistance for any KMS student in attendance.  KMS students do not need to sign up for KAA. They simply need to show up with things they want to work on, sign in, and get the help they need. We are confident that this process will help these students find great success.

Time and Location

Location: KMS Library
Time: 7:30 - 8:30am
Day: Thursday during Delayed Start
Staff Facilitator: Mrs. Saluan 

Homework Board


For any questions, please contact
Mr. Bob Race
KMS Principal
Voice: (440) 256-3358 x3001
[email protected]

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