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Dear Kirtland Hornet Community,

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) released the 2016-2017 Ohio School Report Cards, providing a single snapshot of how students are scoring on state tests.

The Kirtland Local School District uses the State Report Card as one piece of data to evaluate our overall success in a variety of areas. We will evaluate this information with our staff and will continue to find ways to improve and provide a well-rounded educational experience for our students. 

Along with the State Report Card, we encourage our parents and community to utilize our Quality Profile to see a comprehensive view of the quality learning and teaching going on in our schools.

There are six main components on ODE’s Local Report Card:

  • Achievement: Represents the number of students who passed the state tests and how well they performed. Kirtland received a composite score of C, which is calculated using the number of indicators met (D) and performance index (B).
  • Progress: Reflects the growth all students are making based on their past performance. Kirtland received a D.
  • Gap Closing: How well schools are meeting the performance expectations for all students and subgroups. Kirtland received a C.
  • Graduation Rate: Percent of students who are successfully finishing high school in four or five years. Kirtland received an A.
  • K-3 Literacy: How successful a school is at keeping struggling readers on track to proficiency in kindergarten through grade 3.
  • Kirtland received an NR because fewer than 5 percent of our students in kindergarten reported as “not-on-track” to meet the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.
  • Prepared for Success: How well prepared students are for the future. It includes college entrance exam remediation-free scores, Honors Diplomas, Advanced Placement exam scores, and College Credit Plus credits. Kirtland received a C. 

The Kirtland Local Schools support high educational standards that provide learning opportunities that go beyond state testing to develop well-rounded learners who are challenged to think critically, problem solve and communicate effectively.

While we feel the data these tests provide is informative, we also believe it is only one part of the puzzle in evaluating and improving our schools. We will continue to find new ways to be innovative and work with staff and community to build on our tradition of excellence. You can find my community presentations on the report card online at

Bill Wade

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